Justin Bieber Left the Stage During Show After He Told Fans to Stop Screaming

Justin Bieber is probably one of the most loved singers in the entire world. With millions of fans from all across the world who watch his every move, he is quite possible in top five most famous people in the world.
But some say his fame has gone to his head. And there’s a new video that has emerged online that is surely not putting Bieber in a very good light. The video was recorded by a fan who was in the audience at one of Justin’s recent gigs that took place in Manchester, UK.
In the video, Justin can be seen dropping the mike before storming off the stage. Apparently, the singer was frustrated with the fact that his fans were screaming in between songs. The fans weren’t too happy with him asking them not to be loud and started to boo him. That’s when Justin decided to leave the stage.
However, the young singer quickly returned to the stage to continue his show. Even so, there were some fans that tweeted saying he didn’t speak to the crowd again after the incident.
Here’s a look at the whole incident. What do you think about Bieber’s hot temper

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