Judges Upset When Simon Halts Audition. Way She Fights Back Forces Simon to Eat His Words and Apologize

Jodi Bird, the 16-year-old contestant in the video below has wanted to sing and be on stage for as long as she could remember. Ever since she was a little girl, her biggest dream was to perform and share her talent with others. It’s everything she’s ever wanted to do, so when she was called back to audition in front of the judges at Britain’s Got Talent, she saw it as a major breakthrough.
For her live audition, she chose a song from a famous musical, and as soon as she started belting the song, you could see the judges lighting up in appreciation. Well, the majority of the judges seemed to really like her performance. Simon, on the other hand, had something to object and raised his hand to stop her performance.
Simon believed that her performance was a bit “too smiley” and asked her to sing something else. However, Jody fought back by saying there is so much more to the song she picked and asked for permission to finish it.
Then, Jody went on to prove Simon wrong and got the entire audience on her side. Watch Jodi’s full performance and Simon’s reaction in the video below.

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