Japanese Photographer Documents The Many Faces of Tokyo’s Stray Cats

Cats are without a doubt the most popular animals online. Many cats become famous overnight after a video goes viral. Still, people seem to have an insatiable appetite when it comes to pretty much everything that has to do with cats. If you’re one of those people, then you are definitely going to appreciate the images below.
The pictures are a part of a photographs series by a Japanese photographer called Masayuki Oki. With his pictures, the man is trying to show an unseen world of Tokyo, a vibrant world that is populated by stray cats.
The photograph managed to capture the individual personalities of the many otherwise anonymous stray cats that live on the streets of Tokyo, particularly the shitamachi area located in the low part of the city. Stray cats might not be a popular subject as regular cats, but as the images below clearly show, stray cats are just as lovable and full of personality as cats that are lucky enough to have a caring home.
In his photos, Oki captured the cats napping, playing, fighting and just goofing around, you know, like cats usually do. All in all, the pictures offer a real depiction of what it is to be a cat living on the streets of Tokyo.
The images received plenty of love and attention online, so the photographer is hoping to extend his project to other areas in Japan. The man says that his goal for the future is to travel across the country and show people all of Japan’s lovely stray cats.
For now, enjoy these images. If you want to follow up with his work, you can add your name to the 48,000+ people who are now following him on Instagram.











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