In the freezing weather, a chained dog, found in turn, holding a paw from the cold ground

Diesel, an unfortunate dog, endured over four years in the harsh conditions of Yukon, Canada, where temperatures reached minus 40 degrees. He was tethered with the hard ground beneath him frozen solid, and he would always attempt to keep one paw off the ice-cold ground. Diesel was completely isolated, devoid of human company. He suffered a kick to the mouth by a horse and was also attacked by stray dogs.

Thankfully, Animal Advocates came to his rescue and ensured he lived out his remaining years surrounded by comfort and affection. Upon his rescue, they immediately transported him to a facility in Vancouver, where he received treatment, and nine injuries were attended to on his body.

Despite his traumatic past, Diesel remained an incredibly affectionate and friendly dog.

We extend our gratitude to these kind-hearted individuals who came to his aid and made every effort to render the remainder of his life enjoyable and comfortable.

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