Identical twin girls see each other for first time, have a priceless conversation

Welcoming a baby into the family is always reason to celebrate. But when it comes to twins, double joy comes with double work. Now, most parents receive their double bundle of joy with enthusiasm and excitement. Still, caring for twins also comes with a lot of hard work. But it’s moments like the one captured in the video below that make it all be worth it.
In the clip, two beautiful baby girls have their first conversation outside the womb, and it’s a precious moment that will surely put a smile on your face.
Although it’s the first time they see each other, their connection is more than obvious. The way they look at each other is truly special. And even though they can’t probably yet wrap their heads around why there is another human being who looks just like them, their curiosity makes them want to explore even further.
This is surely just the first of many conversations these two will have as they advance in their journey through life. We can already picture them playing with dolls together as toddlers and chatting about boys in their rooms after their parents went to bed as teenage girls.

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