Identical Triplets Get Totally Different Makeovers Each, Mom Overwhelmed To Tears With Their New Looks

The “Traveling Triplets,” Kylie, Megan, and Lisa have kept the same look for years now and they were ready for a change. After looking pretty much identical for most of their lives, the young women wanted a more individual look that allowed them to better express their unique personalities, tastes, and sense of style.
Therefore, they decided to resort to one of the best stylists in the business, a person whom they knew they could trust to give them what they wanted. From the get-go, the stylist’s goal was to make them incredibly unique and individual.
Before even touching a string of hair on their head, Ken made sure to find out what the girls’ expectations were and how they pictured themselves looking at the end of the transformation. Once he had all this information, the stylists started working on them.
The result is so good that it’s hard to put into words. These ladies were gorgeous to start with, but Ken helped them achieve a look that makes each and every one of them stand out. Despite not looking the same anymore, the triplets say that this experience had actually strengthen their bond and brought them closer together. You need to see this!

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