Ice cream truck stops in neighborhood. Now watch pit bull patiently wait in line to order

Many people look forward to summer, and there are definitely a lot of reasons to explain that. The good weather, vacations, having more time to spend with friends and family; these are all legit benefits that typically come with the season.
But if you are anything like me, the real reason you look forward to summer all year long is so that you can eat more ice cream. Whether we like to admit it or not, ice cream has a strange effect on people.
We all turn into kids when we hear that ice cream truck coming down the street. If we could, we’d run outside and buy all the ice cream we can carry in two hands. Well, if the video below is any indication of the truth, ice cream has pretty much the same effect on pets too.
The pit bull in the video below is the best example. He is the first to get in line whenever there’s an ice cream truck on the street where he lives. But although he couldn’t be more excited to get his paws on some delicious ice cream, he politely waits his turn.
You need to see this!

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