Husband had a vasectomy but learns wife is pregnant, writes her a card to surprise her

There’s an old adage that says that what is meant to be will always find a way. Some things in our lives will happen in ways with don’t necessarily expect them to happen, but when is all said and done, we realize it’s for the better.
That being said, it’s not often that a man gets to tell his wife of girlfriend that they are going to have a child together. It’s usually the other way around. Well, believe it or there are some exceptions to the rule.
Tim Brummel managed to find out about their new child before his wife Rachel, and their story is going viral. You see, the couple already have seven beautiful children together, so they came to the agreement that their family was complete. So Tom went ahead and scheduled a vasectomy so they won’t have to worry about anticonception or any unexpected pregnancies.
Only things don’t always go as we plan them to. And eight months after Tim got the procedure done, he started to suspect that his wife might be pregnant. Of course, Rachel was confident it wasn’t the case because she knew Tim had a vasectomy, so she just ignored her symptoms.
But she ended up getting the surprise of a lifetime. Take a look:

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