This husband tried to prank his wife but almost died in the process…

In this day and age, prank culture is bigger than ever and I’ll be the first to admit that successfully pranking someone can be pretty rewarding. In fact, some scientists believe that our desire to prank others might actually be written in our DNAs.
That’s right, apparently our brain is wired to find value in the ability to shock others. What’s more, this desire to cause powerful emotions and even frighten people around us is further emphasized by the society we all live in nowadays, a society that pretty much seems obsessed with sensationalism.
But although pranking others can be a lot of fun, in some cases, it can also be pretty dangerous. Take the man in the video below, for example. The man wanted to scare his wife by hiding in a pile of leafs in front of their home, but the prank took an unexpected turn that actually put his own life at risk. Let’s just say there was a car and some really bad timing involved.
I would have never believed this to be true if the entire scene hadn’t been captured on video. This will seriously make you think twice before deciding to prank others.

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