Husband Hears Wife Screaming From Bathroom, Takes 1 Look At Her Face And Loses It

Living with someone is an excellent way to get to know that person a lot better. It’s how you get to know all of their quirks and habits that make him or her totally unique. Sometimes, sharing a space with another person also means sharing events and situations that bring plenty of laughs.
Such is the case of the married couple in the video below. JW Godwin lives in Cecil, Alabama with his beautiful bride KC. The two have been living together for a while now so they know one another quite well, but there’s always something new to learn about each other.
You see, as many women out there, KC is always up to try a new beauty hack that promises to make her look even more beautiful while also helping her save time and money when it comes to personal care. However, as you probably already know, not all hacks that get a lot of shares and likes online work for everybody.
In KC’s case, a hack meant to whiten her teeth using charcoal turned into a total fiasco that left her covered in charcoal from head to toe. When JW went into the bathroom, here’s what he saw:

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