Husband Builds Secret Shed in Backyard, But Inside Reveals Breathtaking Tribute to 59 Years of Love

They say true love is hard to come by these days, but if you’re starting to lose hope, you need to watch the video below. You’ll be reminded of the fact that some love stories last a lifetime, and why all the hardship involved in finding your soulmate is all worth it in the end.
Charles Evans remembers the first time he laid eyes on Louse, his one true love, as if it was yesterday. “That must’ve been love at first sight,” he says. But in reality that moment was almost six decades ago, and the beginning of a beautiful life together.
Charles and Louise were married for no less than 59 years. They shared a life and made beautiful memories together. But life followed its natural course, and Louise passed away. Charles was devastated to lose his lover, his best friend and his companion all at once.
But he started to think about a way to turn his pain into something that would honor Louise and the life they’ve built together. This is how the idea of building a small museum of memories came to him.
Little by little, Charles started gathering all the photos that he and Louse have kept over the years and turned his shed in the backyards into a tribute that celebrates love.

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