Horse Trots In. When Music Changes, Routine Left Everyone’s Mouths Hanging Open

Throughout history, horses have played a significant part in aiding humans. From pulling chariots and plows for agriculture to transporting the sick and aiding in warfare, horses have galloped through time by always standing by man’s side.
So people and horses have a history of working together to achieve great things, and what you will see in the video below is just one more example of the amazing results that can be attained through horse-human cooperation.
In this case, it’s all about the connection between a horse and his trainer. The footage was captured at one of the most important horse dressage competitions in the world and it’s downright mind-bending to see how this horse is able to move.
It’s a combination of grace and strength that is just incredible to watch. Also, it’s obvious that the trainer and horse share a special bond that relies on trust and mutual respect.
The flow of the horse’s movements is just sensational and really took the competition to a whole other level, as those in charge of commenting the event acknowledged as well. Make sure to share this because everyone should watch this amazing display of poise and elegance!

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