Homeowner Sick of Bear Getting into The Trash at Night, Has Genius Solution That Has Everyone Laughing

It may seem hard to believe, but in some parts of the country, bears come down from the woods, especially at nighttime, and go through people’s trash cans in search of food. The owner of the home in the video below is very familiar with this type of situation, but luckily, he came up with the perfect solution to keep bears at bay once and for all.
The homeowner who lives in Salem, Virginia was aware of the fact that bears can detect pet food, garbage and even bird feeders even from miles away, so he knew that nearby bears will soon visit his home looking for food.
But unlike other homeowners who live in the neighborhood, he was expecting the bears to come and he was ready for them. The man’s simple yet genius solution to scare bears off his property involved a Halloween prop, and the result is going viral.
As you can see in the CCTV footage below, as soon as the bear came near the garbage, the scary Halloween clown is triggered, frightening the bear so badly that he ends up running for the hills.
Who knew bears were afraid of clowns, right?

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