Homeless Dog ‘Wobbles’ Her Way Right Into Her Rescuer’s Heart

Matilda, a courageous stray dog wobbling uncertainly on the streets, has found her way straight into the compassionate heart of animal rescuer Lee Asher, founder of The Asher House.

Suffering from cerebellar hypoplasia, a condition that stems from underdeveloped coordination in the cerebellum—the part of the brain responsible for movement—Matilda’s journey led her to Lee through the Tacoma Humane Society. From the very first glimpse, Lee recognized the exceptional nature of this tiny bully-type dog.

Reflecting on the profound connection he shares with Matilda, Lee expresses, “It feels so rewarding to feel this way about an animal that society overlooked. The joy it must bring her is immeasurable. Matilda feels deeply and craves love wholeheartedly.” Overwhelmed with gratitude, Lee humbly admits he is unsure of what he has done to deserve such an extraordinary companion. “I have always felt like an outsider,” he reveals. “Having an outcast dog like Matilda wobble into my life has brought a sense of wholeness. Matilda has transformed my existence.”

Indeed, the transformation is reciprocal, as Matilda’s life has been forever changed by Lee’s unwavering devotion. Videos capture Matilda basking in the warmth of love, radiating a genuine appreciation for the affection she receives.

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