She was home alone with five young children when she heard a car pull up. It was HIM…

Domestic violence is unfortunately a part of everyday life for many women who live across the world and are verbally and physically abused by their partners. The situation is even more dramatic in cases in which there are kids involved. But for one woman, it was her kids who made the difference between life and death.
The woman in the video below named Rachael Moore went through a terrifying experience and nearly lost her life. If not for her incredible bravery of her children, the woman admits that she would most likely not be among the living right now.
During a severe incident of domestic violence, the mom’s ex-boyfriend who has a past of violent behavior did the unthinkable: the man shot her point blank. Her children were in the house when the incident occurred. With incredible courage, her kids stood up against the abuser in a desperate attempt to save their mom.
One of her sons disarmed the shooter while another was trying to wrestle the man. Find out how it all ended and what ultimately happened to the abuser by watching the video below. This is the kind of things you typically see in movies!

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