She Hires a Contractor for A Simple Paint Job, Her Dreadful Experience Is a Lesson for Everyone

As many homeowners often do, Magen Hayes decided to hire a professional for a simple coat of paint for her upstairs level. She went with a local contractor who seemed to have the right skills for the job. After all, it didn’t require any special expertise or talent.
Also, the man seemed trustworthy and even came up with suggestions that further led Magen into believing that the local painter know what he was talking about and that she could trust him to get the job done in a way that will make her happy.
But as Magen was about to find out, first impressions can often be misleading. The man might have seemed knowledgeable enough, but what he promised and what he ended up delivering were two very different things.
The man ended up ruining Magen’s stairs in a way she never even imagined was possible, and the worst part is there is little she can do to make the man pay for the damages he’s brought to her home.
This is something that can pretty much happen to anybody, so make sure to share this with as many people as possible so that they know what red flags to look for when hiring a contractor to do repairs or upgrades on their homes.

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