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With nobody else in sight, Zak devoted himself to sparing the pooch’s life. Fortunately, his climbing capacities made him ready to physically and rationally pull off such a troublesome salvage.

Through the span of the following day, Zak scaled all over the gully, taking a chance with his life a few times, until at last pulling the puppy up to security.

The puppy, who he named Riley, was thin as a rail. He had ground his nails down to stubs from attempting to uncover himself from underneath the opening. There were shotgun pellets held up under his skin. His teeth were dark from lack of healthy sustenance. Zak quickly drove Riley to the Page Animal Hospital in Page, AZ where Riley got the restorative consideration he so frantically required.

Riley was dehydrated to the point that the restorative group experienced difficulty beginning an IV. He was on the precarious edge of death — yet on account of the expertise and devotion of the Page Animal Hospital staff, Riley survived. Zak took Riley back to his home in Utah where his significant other in a split second became hopelessly enamored with him.

Riley’s wellbeing began to pivot. His injuries recuperated. His identity shone through. Furthermore, best of all, Zak and his magnificent family received Riley and gave him the eternity home he generally merited.

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