Hiker spots a dying black bear on his hike, breaks the law in order to save the bear’s life

Most of you reading this are probably animal lovers, but would you risk your own freedom to save the life of a wild animal? There are not a lot of people who would do that and risk ending up in jail to make sure an animal is out of danger.
Well, a hiker from Oregon did just that, and now his story is going viral. Corey Hancock was taking a walk near the Santiam river like he regularly does when he noticed something strange just a couple of feet from him. When he got close to take a better look, Corey noticed it was actually a small bear who looked as if it had collapsed on the ground.
The small bear clearly looked to be sick or injured, but interfering in wildlife is illegal, so Corey faced a difficult decision. Walk away and let the bear die or help the bear and risk being accused of doing something illegal?
Well, for Corey, the decision was obvious. After he did CPR on the bear, Corey reached out to his friends on Facebook and asked them where he could take the bear so that it will be in safe hands. Someone suggested a wildlife rehabilitation center nearby, and Corey ultimately ended up taking the bear there.

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