Here’s a nifty way to completely skin a watermelon

Spring is here, which means it’s only a matter of time until we’ll be able to enjoy some delicious watermelon once again.
Watermelon is always a good idea, and because so many people seem to enjoy it, it’s also one of the best fruits you can serve at a party. The only downside would be cutting the watermelon into edible pieces, which you and I both know, it can be pretty hard to do without getting watermelon juice all over your hands and clothes.
That being said, watching the video below might totally change the way you see watermelon forever. In it, Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer, shows a pretty impressive way to skin a watermelon, and it’s the best party trick ever.
If you’ve never heard about such a thing as skinning a watermelon before, you’re definitely in for a treat. You’ll want to try this at your next party, and you should! All of your friends are going to be impressed and wonder how in the world did you manage to do it.
This video amassed almost 90 million views in YouTube alone. Make sure you’re not the only one who hasn’t seen it yet!

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