This Is What Happens When You Park Your Car in Front of a Fire Hydrant

A video posted by the City of Merced Fire Department of California went viral a few years ago – but it’s not for a reason most of us would expect. It wasn’t because the firemen who work there managed to put out a fire in a record amount of time, or not even because they rescued a scared kitty from a tree.
Nope, it was the hosing technique firemen were forced to use to put down a fire that gained so much attention in the online environment. You see, someone actually parked their car in front of a fire hydrant. So when a fire started at a business close-by, the firemen had no other alternative than to throw the hose directly through the driver’s car, breaking the front windows and causing serious damage to the car.
But there’s nothing the careless car owner can do to cut his loss. The law forbids drivers to park their cars in front of a fire hydrant, for obvious reasons. Well, I think it’s safe to assume this driver will never make the mistake of blocking a fire hydrant ever again.
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