Halfway Thru Audition, Music Changes & Singer Transforms Before Their Eyes

There are many talented artists and performers who have stepped on stage at talent shows wanting to share their talent with the world and start their careers. But if you ask me, what really make an act stand out from the rest is the element of surprise.
If an entertainer manages to surprise the audience and give them something on top of what they were expecting, he or she has all the chances to win them over and leave a lasting impression on them.
That’s exactly what the beautiful woman in the video below managed to accomplish during her performance for Spain’s Got Talent, and it got her a place in the competition, as well as worldwide recognition.
When 37-year-old Cristina Ramos walked on stage, everybody was expecting her to do her best, but nothing could prepare them for what Cristina actually had in store for him. After starting her act by showcasing her unbelievable talent as an opera singer, Cristina switched things up and chanced the pace of the song entirely.
What followed left the judges completely open-mouthed. This is definitely a performance you don’t want to miss, so take a couple of minutes out of your day to check it out!

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