Guy Hilariously Adds Random Characters Into Discarded Thrift Store Paintings

Halloween is coming up, so you’re probably considering checking thrift shops for some cheap costumes or decorations. But although many of us only remember they exist around Halloween or whenever we need cheap furniture, thrift shopping has some pretty amazing benefits that you’ve probably never considered up until now. Thrift stores are an awesome place to find bargains, but also to look for inspiration.
Just ask this guy! Artist David Irvine is a fan of thrift shopping and has a knack for turning discarded things that nobody else wants into unique things that many of us would be proud to have in our homes.
The artist buys old store paintings for cheap, and then uses his imagination to bring them into the present and give them a modern look. He does so by adding random characters that are a big part of popular culture today. From Darth Vader to Vincent Vega in “Pulp Fiction,” Michael Meyers and much more, these pop culture characters, celebrities, and memes can turn an outdated painting into something that would most likely peek your interest if you came across it in a store.
The result is an interesting painting that doesn’t look like anything else, which in this day and age is not only rare but also pretty incredible.
Hopefully, this post will encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and skip your trip to a big department store in favor of a secondhand store. Who knows, you might be the next person featured in one of our posts!












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