Greedy Woman Snatches Foul Ball Out Of Teen’s Hands, Then He Quickly Gets The Last Laugh

They say that sooner or later, justice will be served and that everybody will get what they deserve. And that definitely seems to apply to the scene captured in the video below. The clip shows a young man chasing down a foul ball at the Chicago White Sox’s stadium.
The 15-year old is a huge White Sox fan, so getting his hands on the ball brought him tremendous joy. Unfortunately, though, his joy was short lived. That’s because a woman who obviously wanted the ball as well went and snatched it from the boy’s hands.
The teenager was shocked by the grown woman’s incredibly rude gesture, and had no idea how to react. So he ended up watching as the woman walked away with his ball clutched to her chest.
There’s no way of knowing what was the woman’s reason for behaving so poorly, but luckily, White Sox officials at the game saw the entire incident and decided to take action to make things right.
The Sox fan not only got a ball from the White Sox Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Brooks Boyer, but he also received royal treatment from the team.

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