Grandma says to turn the music up, wows everyone when she does the “Whip (Nae Nae)” dance

Grandparents are pretty much the greatest people out there, and it is videos like the one you are just about to watch that prove just how cool they are!
In it, an 86-year-old gets loose and shows off her best moves by dancing to “Watch Me” by Silento play. In all fairness, this is not a song most people in this age group listen to, but this cool grandma likes to stay up-to-date with all the music her nephews and nieces listen to.
In fact, she’s also discovered some new artists she likes this way, Silento being one of them. So every time his songs come on the radio, she can’t help but get up and stop whatever she is doing and dance to the song.
Unaware of the fact that one of her grandsons was recording the whole thing, grandma stopped what she was doing in the kitchen and started swinging her arms to the beat as soon as she heard her favorite Silento song come on.
If this won’t convince you that age is nothing but a number and that there are other things far more important than how old you are, then nothing will.

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