Grandma Goes To Target To Buy $4000 Worth Of Gift Cards And Cashier Realizes It’s A Big Scam

I don’t know about you, but I love videos that show the good in the world, and this one this definitely one of them.
It all started with a phone call the grandparents in the video below received letting them know their grandson was arrested and in jail. It’s a phone call no grandparent wants to receive, but although they felt disappointed by what their grandson presumably did, the grandparents didn’t hesitate to help him.
The person who made the call told them that if they want to see their grandson out of jail, they will have to go down to the nearest Target and purchase two gift cards for $2,000 each. That was a lot of money, but the concerned grandparents wanted to help their grandson as soon as possible.
But when they arrived at the store ready to make the required $4,000 purchase, the cashier there stopped them right away and advised the two to contact the police instead. As it turned out, the phone call was all a part of a scam usually targeting grandparents.
Luckily, the smart cashiers at Target stepped in and prevented the elderly couple from making a terrible mistake.

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