Grace VanderWaal Takes On Elvis Classic, Within Moments Leaves Everyone Breathless

You may remember the young girl in the video below as the winner of the eleventh season of the NBC TV competition show America’s Got Talent. But the truth is Gracie VanderWaal started singing and impressing the world with her incredible voice long before that.
Gracie was only twelve years old when she won the famous talent show, but the way she debuted her melodic talents was through her own YouTube channel. Gracie used that online space to share clips of her singing her favorite songs.
She’s always expressed herself best through music, and she’s even written some songs herself. In fact, after winning her big title, Gracie was lucky enough to sign with a major music label that offered her the chance to write her own music.
And she didn’t disappoint. Despite her young age, Gracie proved she has the artistic maturity to arise a winner in the music industry.
In the video below, Gracie performs a beautiful rendition of one of the most loved songs from Elvis’s repertoire, and it is proof that winning America’s Got Talent is soon going to be merely a footnote on her list of achievements.

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