Goodwill surprised a homeless Veteran with his first bedroom ever

Did you know that there are about 49,933 homeless veterans in the US right now? That means that 49,933 men and women who served the country by fighting in some of the most dangerous places on Earth live without basic amenities. They have to beg and sleep on the streets each and every night.
The circumstances of them becoming homeless are different. Some just weren’t able to adjust back to their regular lives after having seen the horrors of war. Some developed certain addictions towards alcohol or drugs as a way to cope with the pain. Most of them have lost everything; they families, their homes, their chances for a better future.
The man in the video below named Timothy Hogan fought in Afghanistan, but ended up being homeless. He was in desperate need of help and the generous people working at Goodwill at Northeast Iowa were happy to be there for him.
They helped him find a job and a place to stay at one of the homes they’ve built for veterans just like him who are struggling. Now, the young man has a new chance at a new life, a chance he deserves after putting his life on the line to defend the country.

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