Who you gonna call? Dad transforms son’s wheelchair into Ghostbusters car

Halloween is just around the corner, so now it’s time to put the last details in order and make sure your costume is how you’d imagined it to be. If you have kids, the challenge multiples in accordance with how many kids you have.
All children have their expectations when it comes to the costume they are going to wear on Halloween night and hope to be appreciated by their friend when going trick and treating. That surely won’t be a problem in the case of Jeremy Miller.
The eight-year-old boy is known around the neighborhood for his amazing Halloween costumes that his resourceful dad creates for him every year.
The particular challenge his dad has to deal with is the fact that he has to build the costume around his son’s wheelchair. Still, dad has always found a way to make the kind of costumes his son dreams about.
For this year, dad built him a Ghostbuster car so he can be one of his favorite movie characters of all time. The car is equipped with all the expected bells and whistle, including a working siren.
Take a look at Jeremy proudly testing his Ecto-8. How cool is this?


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