‘Gold Rush’ Star Todd Hoffman Sings ‘Sound Of Silence’, Leaves Internet In Chills

You’ve probably heard several renditions of the song “Sound of Silence,” but the one in the video below takes things to a whole new level.
The song itself is extremely powerful and intense, but when you pair it with a strong voice like the one of the singer in this clip, the emotion it conveys is almost overwhelming.
The singer’s name is Todd Hoffman, the Gold Rush star that impressed everyone with his incredible skills as a smart businessman in the mining industry. But there’s more to him than just that, as this video clearly proves.
Best known for his Discovery Channel show, Todd Hoffman proved that he is a man of many talents. However, up until now, his talents as a performer have remained hidden. People just didn’t know what he was capable of.
Luckily, Todd Hoffman has finally decided to share his special talent with others through this quick video that will most likely leave you in awe. Performing a song with this vocal range is no small feat, but Todd managed to rise up to the occasion.
Who knew Todd Hoffman was such a great singer, right? Make sure to share this surprising performance with all of your friends and family online!

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