This goat sees a horse for the first time. His reaction? Absolutely ADORABLE!

Today in obvious news: baby goats are adorable! They are tiny, clumsy and do all kinds of cute things that make people instantly fall in love with them. But do you know what’s even more adorable than a baby goat? A baby goat seeing a horse for the first time. Or a baby goat jumping on top of a lazy pig (an actual lazy pig). If that’s something you’re excited to see, you’ll definitely enjoy the video below.
As it turns out, baby goats are great at making new friends among other animals at the farm and my guess is that it’s because they know how to use their cute factor to the fullest.
The baby goats in the video you’re just about to see want nothing more than to make some new friends, even though they may have a funny way of showing it. They don’t care much about how their friends look like or what breed of animals they belong to as long as they know how to have some fun. And possibly let them jump on their backs.
If this doesn’t brighten up your day, I don’t know what will.

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