All Girl Drill Team Takes Floor. When They Look Up, Crowd Goes Wild

Entertainment is an essential part of any successful event, and high school sporting events make no exception. However, high schools obviously don’t afford to hire the same type of entertainers as we would see on major sporting events happening throughout the world.
Still, that doesn’t mean that audiences at high school events are not able to watch an amazing show at halftime. Some high school dream teams out there are downright amazing and really know how to put on a show. The all-girl drill group in the video below is surely amongst them.
The girls managed to keep the entire audience engaged throughout their choreographed routine and it’s really no surprise why. The girls are not only amazing dancers but they proved they know what it takes to be on stage and have the audience eat from the palm of your hand.
Their high-energy, perfectly-synchronized military routine ensured that no one in the audience will look down at their phones because they are bored or looking forward towards leaving.
This is for sure not your regular half-time high-school performance, so please take a second to share it with others who might appreciate seeing something like this as well.

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