Girl ALMOST struck by lightning, but her boyfriend’s response is the real show

There are certain things most women expect when in a relationship. They expect the person in their lives to love them and do their best to protect them against bad things that might happen. It may sound all fashioned, but at the end of the day, feeling safe is extremely important in a relationship.
Also, a lot can be said about someone based on the way they react under pressure or when in life-threatening situations. Feeling anxiety is only natural, but that doesn’t mean you should panic and forget about loved ones that might be in danger.
The man in the video below got a change to step up and be a man. He and his girlfriend were talking a walk near a shore when a storm began all of the sudden. Before they could realize they were in danger and look for shelter, lighting struck and almost hit the woman.
The clip has gone viral, in part due to the man’s reaction to it all that can pretty much be sum up into two words: extreme panic. There have been some rumors going on online about how the video is fake, but some say this type of reaction can’t be faked.
What do you think?

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