Get Ready to Be Swept off Your Feet By World’s Most Stylish Bunny

They say fashion fades, but style lasts forever. That seems to be the case, as least as humans are concerned. But when it comes to animal fashion, the line dividing what is fashionable and what is not becomes a little blurry. I mean, most animals already have an awesome outfit they can wear, right? I’m talking, of course, about their fur.


Well, the bunny in the images below proves that animals can further elevate their style with clothes.
PuiPui is the self-proclaimed most stylish bunny in the world from Tokyo, Japan. Not that it would be a lot of competition when it comes to world’s most stylish bunnies… PuiPui has a wardrobe that would make most men I know cringe with envy. But there’s more!



Just like most celebrities, the bunny also has a personal photographer and a personal stylist who actually makes all the tiny clothes for him by hand. I guess there aren’t that many stores that sell tiny clothes for bunnies, right?


Thanks to his adorable look and amazing style, the bunny has managed to gain a massive following on Instagram. His account has a following of over 23k (and counting) on Instagram alone. And it’s not hard to understand why. The bunny’s pictures look more put together than most of the pictures I post on my social media accounts.

You know what this means, right? If the animal world is anything like our world, the rest of the bunnies will most likely get really depressed seeing these photos. Also, they will have to seriously step up their game in order to compete with this stylish bunny.



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