Gas Station Worker Notices Man With Shaking Woman, Tells Her To “Stand Behind Me”

Your instincts are the first solution suggested by your brain after analyzing a certain situation and weighing out the outcomes of all possible actions. Our instincts can be extremely powerful, but fear can often numb us into inaction. However, when the gas station worker in the video below got a feeling in his gut telling him that someone is in serious danger, he decided to act.
The man was working his shift as usual when a man and a woman entered the gas station. The man had a strong feeling that something was not right, and noticed the woman was shaking a bit. However, what made the worker suspect that the woman might be at danger was the dynamic between them two.
So, without thinking too much about the fact that he might get injured, the gas station employee put himself between the woman and the man and told him that she is not going anywhere with him. As it turned out, the man was an alleged kidnapper and a car thief who was also carrying a gun at the time the worker confronted him.
So things could have ended a lot different than they did. Take a look:

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