Formerly Paralyzed Man Announces Song Choice To Beautiful Fiancé, Puts Judges In Immediate Tears

We all have dreams; we all envision a certain future for ourselves and picture how life will turn out for us and our loved ones. But life is unpredictable; that’s both the tragedy and the beauty of it. In the case of young man in the video below, all of his dreams and plans for the future came crashing down in an instant.
Just three weeks after moving to Nashville to pursue a full time career as a musician, the man was ran over by a distracted driver while he was riding his bicycle. The accident left him paralyzed from the waist down, and life soon began to lose purpose. Music, love, relationships; all of these no longer seemed possible.
However, while he was recovering from the incident, the man got a letter from a former friend who wanted to encourage him and tell him not to lose hope. The two reconnected and fell madly in love with one another.
Now, the man is able to stand up on his feet again, he loves with all of his heart, and he even tried out his luck at American Idol hoping to get back on track with his music career. Here’s how his audition went:

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