Flower girl is too shy and scared to walk down the aisle, so Dad helps her in hilarious fashion

Everybody talks about how stressful it is to be the bride or the groom. All eyes are on you, you want everything to go as planned and, of course, you want everybody to have a good time and go home having made beautiful new memories.
But nobody talks about the hardships flower girls have to go through. Let me tell you right now that it’s not easy. You’re the center of attention for a few good minutes and there’s a lot of pressure to act all graceful and keep it all together until you’ve reached the aisle.
Well, patience and composure are not exactly traits that little girls have. The adorable girl in the video below was too scared to fulfil her duties as a flower girl and walk down the aisle. Luckily, her dad was right there by her side to encourage her to face her fears and do what she came there to do.
Dad decided the best way to get her daughter to start walking down the aisle is to show her how it’s done. The result is hilarious! Clearly, dad doesn’t have the necessary grace to be a flower girl, but his method worked!
Take a look:


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