First Ever Jewelry Collection For Bearded Men

Most women go crazy for all types of jewelry and accessories. If you look into a woman’s jewelry box, you’ll find anything from earrings and bracelets to watches and necklaces. There are so many options when it comes to women jewelry that my head is spinning just thinking about them.
But as far as men are concerned, the offering is a lot more restrictive. One designer thinks that men should be offered more options to help them enhance their style through jewelry. Karato Milano is the creator of the first ever jewelry collection designed especially for bearded men.
Now, not all men have the confidence needed to stand from the crowd and wear a jewel for the beard. This collection is aimed at individuals who are not afraid to be different and who want to express their personalities by wearing a unique piece of jewelry.
This is the right accessories for eccentric individuals who are always looking for ways to express their individuality in new and sophisticated ways. Beard is often associated with masculinity and toughness, and this contrast been the masculine look and the delicate look of the jewel is sure not to go unnoticed.
Any man who would dare to wear this in public will definitely get plenty of attention.
What do you think about this idea? Do you think it’s a cool look, or you rather think the beard jewel is more likely to be confused with food leftovers that got caught up in the beard?
Here are more pictures to help you decide.








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