Firemen and police officers line up, create a hilarious music video to “Uptown Funk”

There are a lot of qualities one must possess in order to become a fireman or a police officer. You have to demonstrate integrity, have a high capacity for empathy and compassion, and have an ability to use good judgment to solve problems in a timely manner. You also need to be able to cope well with stress and make rational decisions.
As we said, there are a lot of qualities one needs to become a member of law enforcement. Being a good dancer, however, is not one of them. Still, the incredible men and women in the video below proves there’s more to police officers than first meets the eye.
The Rock County first responders decided to put together a video to show everybody that although they have to be extremely serious at their job, police officers also have fun, light side that most of us can relate to.
They choreographed a dance to Bruno Mars famous song “Uptown Funk” and executed it to perfection. The result is a viral video that is sure to put a huge smile on your face. Who knew police officers are such good dancers, right? This will take you by surprise.

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