Family Walks Past Homeless Man, Husband’s Actions Toward Him Change Their Lives Forever

We all have our own vision when it comes to the perfect Christmas. Some of us picture it somewhere at a cabin in the mountains, while others see themselves back at home sitting next to the fireplace and Christmas tree.
But regardless of all that, there’s something most of us have in common, and that is that we all want to be surrounded by our loved ones during Christmas, no matter where we are.
Unfortunately, for many people like the ones living on the streets, that’s simply not an option. These people usually spend Christmas out in the cold, alone. It’s a disturbing and saddening image, but for many people out there, that’s reality.

The talented tenors who form the group Gentri wanted to incorporate part of this reality into one of their Christmas videos. The story that accompanies their performance of “O Holy Night” is just as powerful and as touching as their incredible voices.
This serves as a great reminder that Christmas is all about the company you have and how you choose to live every minute of it. We all have things we should be grateful for this Christmas, no matter where we end up spending it.

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