Family of 7 Opens Up Home to 6 Kids. Months Later, Judge Sees to It That Kids Get Justice

With five kids to look after, Christopher and Christina Sanders definitely have their hands full. But that didn’t stop them from opening their hearts and their home to other children who were in desperate need of loving family and a home.
When they first made the decision to become foster parents, Christopher and Christina made an agreement that they will not separate the kids who were put in their care by sending them to different houses.
As chance would have it, they got a family of no less than 6 siblings, but they were committed to keep their word and adopt all of them, and thus expending their family to no less than 13 family members.
They decided to focus on how much of an impact that could make in these kids’ lives if they all lived under the same roof and got a change to grow up together. And although they admit that it’s not easy to provide and take care of 11 children, the Sanders have no regrets.
All the kids in the family get along perfectly and they all become best of friends soon after the adoption was finalized.
This is such an amazing story! Take a look:

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