Ever Seen ‘The Pies’ Graffed On A Bridge? This Is What It’s All About

Why’s the sky blue? Why’s water wet? Why are people graffing a popular northern cuisine on bridges on the M57, M6 and a few others?

There are numerous bridges and landmarks you could have passed that have ‘The Pies’ scribbled across it. This is one on the M6 near Cheshire.


The Pies are actually a Liverpool band who are much more well known for their street art than they are their actual art.

Nobody truly knows much about them yet they were formed in Merseyside in the late 80s, however like numerous UK groups they l embarked on an ill-fated US tour that prompted the group`s destruction.

The first graffiti was painted after the band ‘got to be trapped’ on the extension and didn’t comprehend what else to do.

“The M57 is the famous one, ‘The Pies The Pies’ was basically because we got stuck on the bridge and we didn’t know what to do, so we wrote The Pies again,” frontman Ashley Martin told the BBC.

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