Elvis made “Can’t Help Falling In Love” famous, but Andrea Bocelli’s version is breathtaking

Whenever most of us hear about the song “Can’t Help Falling in Love” or minds instantly take us to rock-n-roll legend Elvis Presley. The iconic song is one of the most famous and most loved on the singer’s repertoire, that’s true.
But it’s just as true that the song is also one of the most covered of all times. There have been hundreds of artists, some more popular than others, who have taken on the challenge to release their own versions of the song.
Some renditions are bad, most of them are mediocre, but there are also a handful which are downright exceptional. I’m going to let you guess to which one of these categories does Andrea Bocelli’s performance shown in the video below belongs to.
The famous tenor has a voice like no one else has, and he definitely know how to use it to make the audience feel the emotion of the song he’s performing. And this makes no exception. If you are an Elvis fan, I’m sure you’ll agree Andrea Bocelli did the song justice.
Now all there is left to do is hit play, sit back and relax to the sound of this beautiful music!

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