Elephant Gives Birth In Middle Of Safari, But Watch Incredible Moment Herd Suddenly Charges In

Witnessing the miracle of birth is something that never gets old. There is nothing like that moment when you see new life being born out of nothing. So when the lucky tourists in the video below saw an elephant that was ready to give birth as they were exploring the safari, they immediately took their phones out and started recording.
To say that it’s a rare opportunity to see a wild animal give birth in its natural environment would definitely be an understatement. But in addition to witnessing the miracle of birth from just a few feet away, the tourists also took part in another extremely special and intimate moment.
We’re talking about the moment when the entire herd of elephants comes together to welcome the newest member of their tribe. It’s clearly a joyful moment, as the whole family gathers to celebrate the birth of the baby elephant and protect their youngest member of the family. The interaction between them is just incredible to watch!
This is for sure not something you see every day, so please take a moment to share this with all of your friends and family online. I can’t believe these tourists were lucky enough to see this live!

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