Elderly Woman Sits Down to Play Street Piano, And It Sounds Straight from Heaven

Although she would certainly deserve it, Natalie doesn’t have millions of fans from across the world. She usually sings to a much, much smaller audience, but now thanks to YouTube and social media, more people get to enjoy her immense talent.
You see, the elderly woman usually sits down to play at a public piano somewhere on the streets of Melbourne. Her music is hauntingly beautiful, but what those who stop by to listen to her play don’t know is that most of the music she plays is actually her own creation.
And as it often happens in life, when it comes to her music, beauty stems from pain. Natalie hasn’t had an easy life and the one thing that has kept her going were her children and her music.
The clip you are just about to watch was posted by one of Natalie’s son who described her as “one of, if not the best ‘unknown composer’ in the world today.” This is just one of the woman’s composition that she wrote, and there are many more just waiting to be discovered.
But until more of his amazing creations are made public, let’s enjoy this one.

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