Elderly couple refuses to ditch dogs during flash flood, even it means putting lives at risk

Many people see their pets as legitimate members of the family and it’s for good reason they feel this way.
If you’ve ever had a pet, then you know they are a huge part of their owners’ lives and just make everything better. So it’s no surprise that loving pet owners would often put a lot of effort into making sure their beloved pets are safe and happy.
But what the elderly couple in the video below did to protect his dog takes things to the extreme. The footage was recorded during the massive floods that struck different parts of Japan recently and shows two people on a roof who refuse to leave their beloved dogs behind when rescuers come.
Although their lives were clearly in danger, the two only accepted to get rescued if the dogs would be rescued as well. Luckily, rescuers were able to extract the couple and the pets and take them to safety. The entire helicopter rescue operation was caught on tape.
With heavy storms and hurricanes affecting more and more regions across the world, stories like these help us maintain hope, so make sure to share this with others online.

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