Ed Sheeran covers ‘Ain’t No Sunshine, ‘ covers everyone in goosebumps

“Ain’t No Sunshine,” a song Bill Withers released as a part of his 1971 album entitled Just as I Am, is one of the most covered songs ever. And it’s really no surprise why. The song is timeless, and people recognize it from the first notes even today.
There have to be hundreds of different versions of the song, but most of them don’t even come near of matching the original.
Well, not the same can be said about Ed Sheeran’s rendition of the song. The English singer managed to recreate the magic of the song with his incredible performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
Sheeran managed to gain worldwide recognition with his famous song Thinking Out Loud, which also got him dozens of industry-related awards. Ed is not only an insanely talented singer, but also does an amazing job as a composer. He has written songs for top artists such as Justin Bieber, Jessie Ware and One Direction.
Recently, Ed Sheeran decided to take a well-deserved break that included him stepping out from the social media spotlight, but he will be back with a new album this March.


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