These Double Exposure Portraits Will Make You Look Twice

Photography has become such a huge part of our lives, but most of us stick to taking selfies, food pics and that occasional artsy photo usually accompanied by an inspirational caption. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about. Taking random pictures is fine, most people do it all the time.
The only problem is that it’s sometimes hard to spot really amazing pictures in the pile of mediocre pictures there are posted online every single minute.
Now, if you too want to see more quality photos, but are having a hard time finding them online, you are in luck. The pictures below are downright stunning.
The photos are the work of a talented 18-year-old girl named Alexis who currently lives in Paris, France. The biggest passion she has so far is digital photography. She particularly enjoys making double exposure creations, which you’ll get to see at the end of the post.
The young woman said she usually spend about 3 to 4 hours making one of these images, so a lot of work goes into it, but the results are well worth it. After she’s done editing one of the images, she then spends an extra hour making sure every single detail is perfect. Now, that’s what I call a perfectionist.
She’s always been an artistic person, and she started drawing several years ago. She just recently began looking into digital art as a way to improve the quality of her work. But you wouldn’t be able to spot her lack of experience just by looking at her photos.
The way she manages to combine two images and make it seem like they are both a part of the same story is not an easy feat.
Take a look and you’ll be able to really appreciate her wok. You can also follow Alexis on Instagram to see more of her amazing pictures.
















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