Don’t take your eyes off the 4-year-old in the middle. She’s a ROCKSTAR!

Some people are just born to be on stage and perform, and the incredible little girl in the video below is definitely one of them!
Although she is only four years old, she is rocking the stage, and it’s something you need to see to believe. During a school graduation ceremony, the girl got to showcase her natural abilities as an entertainer, and nobody could keep their eyes off of her.
She really put her heart and soul into the performance, and it showed. She stole the spotlight and led the performance as she and her other classmates performed the song, ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Disney’s hit movie, ‘Moana.’
While the rest of the class seemed more reserved, this spunky little girl was front and center with fiery facial expressions, stomping feet and flailing arms.
There is no way of knowing what kind of career she will decide to pursue later in life, but she could definitely make a name for herself in the entertainment industry, that’s for sure.
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