Dolphin Creates Sand Circle & Waits. Seconds Later Camera Captures Stunning Ocean Phenomenon

By now, everybody knows that dolphins are amongst the most intelligent creatures in the world. Research has shown that their intelligence has greatly evolved over time, now reaching a level that allows them to not only learn as individuals but also pass their acquired knowledge onto others. This is an exceptional occurrence in the animal kingdom.
What is going on in the video below is yet another example of how smart and intuitive dolphins are. You see, they figured out that it’s much easier to catch fish that out of water, instead of chasing them below the surface. By swimming in a circle while beating their tails down hard, dolphins are able to create the appearance of a mud net and stir up the sea bed.
As a result, fish are “trapped” inside this ingenious fake net made out of mud, which makes it much easier for the dolphins to feed themselves. The fish basically jump straight into the mouths of the dolphins that just have to sit there.
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