This Dog and Cat Never Spend a Night Apart from Each Other

They say you should never go to bed angry. Well, it’s a say the dog and the cat in the images below live by. Each night, before they go to bed, they put all the differences that exist between them aside and peacefully sleep together.


It’s a dog and a cat we’re talking about, so you know their relationship is far from perfect. Even so, they’ve never spent a night apart from each other since they first met about half a year ago. The two became best friends after the dog’s family decided to adopt an abandoned kitty they’ve found on the street.


The family’s dog, Mollie, immediately adopted the kitty, Moses, and they have been inseparable ever since. The two are so close that Moses actually started more like a dog than a cat. But what’s most impressive about their relationship is their commitment to each other.


Each night, they cuddle against each other in the most adorable way possible and spend the entire night together. It might seem like they are just keeping each other warm, but according to their owners, heat is definitely not a problem where the pets live. So the only possible explanation is that the two pets got used to one another and actually enjoy each other’s company. The only question left unanswered is which one of them makes the coffee in the morning? Well, my guess is that the cat makes it. It’s because Moses can get on top of the counter where the coffee machine is a lot faster, you know, being a cat and all.

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